New Coalition of Bethesda Area Residents Comments on Bethesda Downtown Plan

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CBAR requests specific actions related to schools, traffic, parks, and edge communities

The Coalition of Bethesda Area Residents (CBAR) today commented on four areas of the Bethesda Downtown Plan: schools, transportation, parks, and edge communities. CBAR also announced availability of new tools to support and encourage citizen participation in the planning process.

The CBAR website makes specific recommendations intended to better understand and predict the area’s future carrying capacity and population needs. “Our analysis is that the recommendations set forth in the May 2015 Staff Draft inadequately address the requirements for schools, transportation, parks, and edge communities,” said Mary Flynn, CBAR’s founder. “Instead of helping address these concerns, Planning Board members proceeded to lift the mixed-use requirement for many properties and granted an additional 2.9 million square feet of density above Staff recommendations.  The process by which the Board is reviewing the Staff Draft dismisses the importance and difficulty of good urban planning.”

The approved density tally is currently at 35.3 million square feet of allowable development and represents a 50% density increase over what’s now on the ground. “This isn’t smart growth at all,” continued Flynn. “It’s an endorsement of aggressive development.”

For more information on each area of concern, visit:

Publicly available tools include the website at, a Twitter feed @cbar_moco, and a Meetup group at The website includes the following Resources:

ABOUT CBAR: The Coalition of Bethesda Area Residents (CBAR) is a grassroots organization that advocates for a beautiful and economically vibrant downtown area that is supported by livable communities. CBAR encourages citizen participation in the planning process through enhanced access to public information and community support.


Mary Flynn
(650) 450-9025

Katya Marin
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Twitter: @cbar_moco


Mary Flynn is a resident of the Town of Chevy Chase and the founder of CBAR.