Developers: Asked to do too much, or too little?

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Are developers being asked to do too much in return for bonus density and height? Too little? Are the developer requirements and incentives in balance with the increased stress on our public schools, roads, transit, parks, and other infrastructure?

I put together a chart to help make sense of the current proposals before the Planning Board. This morning I forwarded it to the Board and staff for their review. Please see below, and stay tuned.

Until next time,



Dear Chairman Anderson, Director Wright, Mr. Kronenberg and Ms. Howerton:

I assembled the attached chart to understand how property owners can exceed mapped density and height limits.


I ask that:

1. The chart be reviewed and updated for accuracy, with particular attention to the items <in blue, and surrounded by angled brackets>.

2. The chart be added to the public record.

Please feel free to use or re-purpose this chart in whole or part. I believe that with accurate and accessible information, developers, property owners, Bethesda area residents, and County officials can engage in more constructive dialog, and together we can build a beautiful, sustainable, and prosperous Bethesda.


Mary M. Flynn
Founder, Coalition of Bethesda Area Residents
(650) 450-9025

Mary Flynn is a resident of the Town of Chevy Chase and the founder of CBAR.

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