CBAR Press Releases

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  • First PHED Committee – Cautious Optimism

    On Monday, January 23, twenty five CBAR supporters attended the first discussion of the Bethesda Downtown Plan by the Montgomery County Council Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) committee. Chaired by Councilmember Nancy Floreen, PHED committee members George Leventhal and


  • Comments as the public record closes

    This is it. The public record closes Tuesday, November 1. I will submit the following written comments to the Montgomery County Council and Board of Education. To stand with residents throughout the area who all want adequate schools, transportation, parks, and compatibility plans

  • Bethesda Downtown Plan Public Hearing Testimony

    Below is the testimony I will deliver at Tuesday’s public hearing regarding the Bethesda Downtown Plan. Please show your support for all community speakers: attend one, two or even three nights. This is a big deal — I hope to

  • Letter to the County Council and Board of Education: Lyttonsville

    I submitted the following letter today to members of the Montgomery County Council and Board of Education. The Lyttonsville Sector Plan hearing is tonight (September 27) at 7:30 in the County Council auditorium. The Lyttonsville Sector Plan is relevant to current

  • SSP Public Hearing Testimony

    I will deliver the following testimony at the Montgomery County Council’s public hearing regarding the Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP). The SSP is an important document: Its purpose is to evaluate individual proposals for development, determining if our transportation network and