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Area residents share many of the same concerns.

CBAR lists public petitions related to local rezoning and its potential impact on public school capacity, mobility (transit and roads), recreational and green space, and nearby residential (“edge”) neighborhoods. 

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Feb 10, 2017
Don’t sell Bethesda’s public parking lots. Convert them to parks!

This is a new petition addressed to the Montgomery County Council. Residents who live adjacent to the Bethesda Downtown Plan area ask the County Council and County Executive to create new parkland by converting four county-owned surface parking lots in Bethesda into parks.

These lots – two near East Bethesda and two adjacent to the Farm Woman’s market –should continue to serve the public by remaining open spaces instead of being sold for new building development. Bethesda’s growth may push surface parking underground, but the public should benefit from this, not lose from it.



Bethesda Area Residents/
Freedman & Baskir
Oct 25, 2016
Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan Recommendations

This petition is addressed to the Montgomery County Council. Residents who live adjacent to the Bethesda Downtown Plan area ask the Council:

As you consider the Plan, we urge you to do three things:

1. Stage development to assure parks, schools and traffic are in balance with growth.

2. Mitigate the impact on nearby residential neighborhoods.

3. Focus tall buildings near Metro and not at the edges.
Please consider signing this petition to request a Plan that respects its immediate neighbors.

Arlington North Residents
Mar 22, 2016
Oppose Undue Up-zoning in front of Bethesda Elementary School
Arlington North is a transitional edge district. Development should not overwhelm the existing development across from Arlington Road. We do not oppose reasonable redevelopment. The Staff’s recommendations for these sites are far more in keeping with our vision for our community and we ask the Board to reconsider its recommendations accordingly.
Bethesda Area Residents/
Freedman & Baskir
Mar 19, 2016
Support the Bethesda Sector Plan Rollbacks
Concerned citizens have requested that the Planning Board rescind zoning decisions made for particular properties — these requests will be considered in April or early May. Collectively, rescinding these zoning decisions will reduce the overall impact of the sector plan on congestion and school overcrowding and will mitigate the impact of over-development on the surrounding communities.
Chesapeake Climate
Action Network
Support Strong Energy Efficiency Standards in Bethessda
Please contact the Montgomery County Planning Board right now and tell them you support the master plan recommendation for a “High Performance Area” in downtown Bethesda. This would require developers to exceed the county’s minimum efficiency requirement by 15 percent in order to construct buildings at the maximum allowable zoning height.
East Bethesda Residents/
Margaretta McKay
Jan 9, 2016
Protect the Precious Tree Canopy in East Bethesda
Are you concerned about the way in which trees are being cut down and aggressively pruned in your neighborhood? Those of us who live in in-fill development communities (i.e. neighborhoods where houses are torn down to make way for larger ones) such as East Bethesda in Montgomery County have become increasingly alarmed at the rate at which precious canopy trees are being destroyed. This petition aims to bring our concerns to the attention of Montgomery County Council and other officials.
Town of Chevy Chase /
Alicia Bazan
Jan 10, 2016
Save our Town: Oppose Jaffe Tower
We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the building of a tower by the corner of Wisconsin Ave. and Bradley Lane. The building of this tower would negatively impact our neighborhood by compromising our quality of life, increasing congestion on local roads, exacerbating the overcrowding of schools, and making our community less safe.
Westbard /
Save Westbard
Save Westbard!
Note: Westbard is a nearby community confronting similar problems. Westbard is part of the B-CC public school cluster, and is home to Westland Middle School. The Westbard Sector Plan will be decided by the Montgomery County Council prior to the Bethesda Downtown Plan. Montgomery County residents need to support each other and hold the Planning Board and County Council accountable for intelligent urban planning and preserving livable communities.

Petition excerpt: Tripling the density of our area [Westbard] by adding more than 2,000 residential units, adding as many as 500 new students to schools already over capacity, dramatically increasing traffic by adding thousands of people without expanding area roads and crowding out local businesses and local retailers is unacceptable.

No Road through Battery Park!
The Bethesda Planning Board has proposed a road through Battery Park. A road would destroy this great community park. Please take action to oppose the road; sign this petition before June 24, 2015 public hearing.

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